Cheats for PS2 App Reviews

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Good app

Every once in a while there is a few freezes and ads but overall this is a great app! Thx.

Works like a charm!

Recently got back into playing my ps2 and this is the app for it. Has mostly all games that i can see and no problems on my end unlike other reviews i read. Recommend to all! Thanks for the app.


It's amazing

Wouldn't start

The stupid ad was blocking me from ever using the app itself...clicking on the "x" opened up Safari and then just sat there. Open the app again to see the same ad blocking the app...waste of time


I haven't been able to complete the mini games until now thanks to this app!


This app was fabulous at first. Until a massive problem. The tab for cheats disappeared rendering the app completely useless!!! Fix this!!!!!!

Ok but annoying

It's a good app but the ads pop up every second and when you try to close it, it takes u to the App Store. Annoying!


Good app


Wow I thought this was gonna be stupid but it's not


This is a awseome app! The ad is annoying but results r gr8 but can u add system secrets


This is a must have for all major PS2 video gamers! My favorite video games are on this app... Kingdom Hearts, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter. Must have for all you gamers out there!


Wow I have found nothing wrong, except all the ads!

Cool bean.

Just need it for one game but whatever


This app is a complete joke. Tried looking up cheats for KH2, and it took me to a video, telling me to make Sora "lick his elbow" and "jump on one leg in a circle infront of the moogle". Theres no telling what else they'll tell you to do for other PS2 game cheats. Complete troll app, trash app, i dont recommend it. Complete immaturity and unprofessional. Dont bother wasting your time.

Awesome stuff!!!

Awesome stuff!!! I love it I can use greatly its a big help!!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!!!


Great. It does open and has good cheats

Screw this

App won't open

Great app

This app realy works. If it doesn't work just keep trying the app.


The app doesn't even work! Don't buy!!!

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